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Joolz Aer+ or Babyzen Yoyo, which travel stroller is better? And is the bassinet option worth it?

AT • 28 Dec 2023


I am deciding between the Aer+ and BabyZen YoYo for a travel stroller. I tried both and love the Aer+. The fold is awesome. It seems slightly bigger than YoYo but seems it would still work as carry on. Any trade offs to be aware of? Which do you prefer? And how should I think about if it’s worth getting the bassinet? Thank you so much! You are so helpful!

Eli • 28 Dec 2023

Heya, AT,

You are right, th Aer is IATA approved and should work as a cabin luggage anywhere as well. It is a very good stroller for the type, one of the best, I would say. I honestly don't like the Yoyo much - because of the short backrest that is SO slanted, the baby always halfsits or half-lies, which is dangerous for babies who don't sit yet, and uncomfortable for those who do. The seat is rather small and overall, for the money, I feel like the Aer+ is simply the better, more long-lasting choice, practicality-wise. So definitely recommending that one.

About the carrycot accessory, it depends on the use case and the baby's age. If you have a total newborn and plan to use the stroller a lot, yes, a carrycot is a good thing. With the Yoyo, a must, as it doesn't lie flat enough. With the Aer+, it's more about the comfort and safety, as the seat reclines more so is usable with a smaller baby with a cocoon or goof footmuff as well. If you'd be strolling with it every day and a super small baby, yeah, I would take the carrycot. If the baby is ~4 months and you'll use the Aer in the reclined position, then I wouldn't.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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