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Joolz Aer+: Jooz Aer+ or the Nuna Triv Next – for a newborn, with a carrycot?

Emma • 21 Nov 2023

Hi Eli,

I'm torn between getting the Jooz Aer + or the Nuna Triv Next for my newborn (born with the added carrycot). I live in a flat in London so will need something thats easy to travel with and compact. Do you have any preference of one over the other? Particularly thinking about ease of push and manoeuvrability for day to day use. Thanks 😊

Eli • 22 Nov 2023

Hey, Emma,

If you are thinking about the only stroller, and from birth, the Aer+ is definitely not the best choice. It is very small, with small wheels, and made for more like travel, shops, and occasional / second stroller use. It is not sturdy enough for a regular everyday use with a newborn in my opinion.

The Nuna Triv Next is definitely a larger, sturdier stroller, and I think that is a much better choice to go for from birth, frame and wheels-wise, so I will recommend that one (over the Joolz).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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