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Joolz Aer+: How to lock the carrycot so that it doesn't collapse with a bit of pressure?

Chloe • 04 Dec 2023


I've purchased the Joolz Aer+ Carry Cot and it folds great, but it doesn't seem to lock into place to use it as a stand-alone bassinet. I pull it open so it looks like it's ready to use, but since there's seemingly no way to lock it into place, the whole thing folds back down with a slight bit of pressure. I tried researching this issue but all the info I've found is about how it folds, not how it stays open. I feel like I'm missing a very simple but key detail in knowing how it works! Thanks!

Eli • 04 Dec 2023

Hey, Chloe,

The Aer/Aer+ are super compact, travel strollers, and their carrycot is pretty much meant to be used open on the frame of the stroller only - not really for overnight sleeping or full featured use on the ground. It can even be folded on the frame after releasing the lower side lever, which even underlines that lack of sturdiness as a standalone.

That being said, it should not fully collapse until a lever is released, so for it to not collapse, make sure the lever is not released - it should stay closed. Here's the Joolz Aer cot manual so that you can check what I mean.

In any case, as I said, the cot is not really meant to be used as a standalone carrycot nor for overnight sleeping, it could be a hazard.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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