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Joolz Aer+: An everyday compact stroller for a 1 year old - Aer+, BGB Butterfly, or something else?

Angie • 12 Oct 2023

Hi Eli,

I'm looking to buy a new stroller for my 1 year old baby. It will be used for everyday use, public transport, traveling and it needs to fit in a small car trunk, so pretty much it needs to be as close as possible to the holy grail of strollers! I'm between the Aer+ and the Bugaboo Butterfly (you are more than free to suggest another one). As my baby likes to take naps in the stroller, I'm a little put off by the Aer+ reclining system.

Thanks in advance!

Eli • 12 Oct 2023

Hey, Angie,

I know what you mean with the reclining system, however, if we're talking about everyday use (which none of these were actually build for, this is good to acknowledge), the Aer is the sturdier one, with a bit more comfortable push. So personally, at least at this super small size, I would go for the Aer+. I don't think there is a better-made one in this stroller category.

Apaprt from that, I would honestly go for something a tad larger. Whether the Inglesina Maior, TFK Dot 2, or the Oyster Zero, but that size and wheel size will make life comfier for the little one and you too. Just saying!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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