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Joie Versatrax: Is the seat safe for small babies?

Chloe • 15 Sep 2023


I have a lot of anxiety about moving my 8 week old into the stroller portion as she's getting up in her weight!
This says from birth but is it 100% safe? Even at a full recline?

Thank you!

Eli • 15 Sep 2023

Hey, Chloe,

It is of course safe when in full recline, and your little one is safely strapped in, with the belts nice and right around here. However, an 8 weeks old is super tiny and can be truly lost in such a large seat. For you (and the little one) to feel safer and better in the seat, get a reducer insert, a soft insert cot, or a good footmuff to wrap her a bit in the seat - you will see, it will be much comfier (for both of you, ultimately).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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