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Joie Tourist: Will my tall 3yo fit in it?

Jen • 23 Feb 2023


Will my 17kg and tall (109cm) 3 year old fit in this in emergencies? That is, when she absolutely refuses to walk. I'm mainly looking at this for a small back up/travel pram for my 10 month old, but it would be useful if it could hold the 3 year old for 10 minutes.

Looking to get a stroller under £200 if you have any other suggestions. The pram doesn't have to be airplane approved but must be lightweight.

Thank you

Eli • 24 Feb 2023

Hey, Jen,

If truly only in emergencies, you can definitely fit your tall little one in it. It won't be a spacious, high comfort ride, but it will do. As I learned with my sons, in an emergency, ANYTHING will do really, even if a tight fit.

I would also suggest the Ickle Bubba Globe in that price, and also the Chicco Goody+ (should be in John Lewis).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.