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Joie Parcel: Will this be enough for a 2yo's naps?

Amy hillis • 11 Apr 2023


I was looking at buying the Joie Parcel for my 2 year old but was worried about the seat dimensions. I've also been looking at the Bugaboo Butterfly because of its high seat unit. Could you tell me the seat unit height and width, please? The pram will mainly be used for napping when out and about.


Eli • 11 Apr 2023

Hey, Amy,

If you're going to want to use your stroller for napping, you should not get an ultra-compact travel stroller. They are in general quite arrov, the seat angle is not the best, and the whole seat is smaller. I don't have the exact measurements of the Parcel syet, but this will be about 85 cm in length approximately, and that won't be crazy roomy for a 2yo. I personally would definitely rather get the Butterfly, however not for naps, actually, more for traveling. For napping, I would definitely go for something a bit larger.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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