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Joie Parcel: What are the most upright cabin-sized strollers?

Vanessa • 20 Mar 2024

Hi Eli, I'm in the search for the MOST upright stroller, either compact or not. After much research, this one seems like it's in the top. Seen your answers to some questions here and you mention the UPPAbaby Minu V2 is more upright. Could you shed some light on the top 3 most upright strollers, compact cabin/travel approved and not?


Eli • 22 Mar 2024

Hey, Vanessa,

It's good to know the cabin-sized models are never totally upright. They are so small, and such a type of frame that would allow an upright seating just doesn't work well with that compact design. From my point of view, the most upright buggy in that category would be the Joolz Aer+, and even that one isn't a totally 90-degree seat. Also good to know is that its't not just about the backrest angle, but also about the overall design and the depth of the sitting area.

Check the Kinderraft Nubi 2 as well, and I was reasonably alright with how the seat back is on the Chicco Goody.

From the larger options, the reversible models like the Joie Versatrax, Cybex Talos, and similar will be more upright. The rule is - reversible strollers are usually more upright, and the lighter you go, the less upright the seat will be, usually. The best is always to try it in real life, as it also differs from child to child (as the sitting habits differ).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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