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Joie Parcel: This – or the Uppababy Minu for a second stroller?

Niamh • 24 Feb 2024

Hi, I am looking at either the Joie Parcel or the Uppababy Minu to get as a travel/second stroller. I already have the iCandy travel system so I want something a little more compact.

Which one would you go for? Thanks

Eli • 25 Feb 2024

Hi, Niamh,

Both options are rather alright, though I would say the Minu is the more sturdy, better made model. It also is a bit more expensive, usually - but I believe it will last you a bit better, and the seat angle is also a tad better (no one is upright though). So I would go for the Uppababy, but if you plan on just occasional use, there's nothing wrong with picking the Parcel if it's better for your budget.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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