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Joie Parcel: Joie Parcel, Kinderkraft Nubi 2 or Recaro Lexa lite - which is roomier, sturdier, and has better fabrics?

Joanna • 23 Jul 2023

Please advise me, I need to find a lightweight but sturdy travel stroller to use with my 10 month old and 2,5 year old. I am looking at the Joie Parcel, Kinderkraft Nubi 2, and the Recaro Lexa Elite. Which is sturdier and has a bigger seat and better fabrics - as we live in a hot climate so don't want them sweating?

Eli • 23 Jul 2023

Hey, Joanna,

Out of the three, the Parcel has the better fabrics, while the Nubi 2 is more spacious, and the Lexa Elite is the better quality. None has it all.

Personally, I would probably go for the Recaro Lexa (not the Elite) as that is quite nice, material-wise as well as space-wise, but I would also look at the Ergobaby Metro+ as that is also spacious enough while also sturdy.

The best option overall would be the Joolz Aer+ but that is also more expensive.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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