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Joie Parcel: Is there an easy way to retread the harness belts & what footmuff can fold with the stroller?

Hetparcel • 30 Sep 2023

Is there an easy way to do the straps the bit on the top straps have to be slotted in but always seems to come apart and is a fiddle.

Also what footmuff would go with this would any fold down with the stroller?

Eli • 30 Sep 2023


Unfortunately, no, the harness is fiddly and there's no way to do it in an easy, smooth way.

Most universal footmuffs will go with this (my fav would be Lodger Bunker, but there are so many universal ones), but the thing is, this is a small stroller that folds inwards. No footmuff will fold right with this as it will be in the way. Go for those less fluffy, less thick ones if you want to fold it with it, still, the fold won't close completely / or you'll have to remove it every time. This is why I liked the new Lodgers so much, the opening is not for rethreading all the time, you close it and open it easier, as needed, and the velcro goes around the harness straps.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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