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Joie Mytrax: What is the seat's length and why does my 2yo have to bent to nap in this stroller?

Tasia • 08 Jun 2023


Is the 94cm seat length when the seat is reclined? My 89cm 2-year-old still regularly naps out and about in the pushchair and is currently having to scrunch up on his side to avoid hanging over the ends! Thanks

Eli • 08 Jun 2023

Hey, Tasia,

The seat surface length should be approximately that, yes. However, the proportions are more important and in each case work out differently - e.g., the leg rest on this one is quite short, so your son's feet will pretty surely protrude rather soon (I mean, they already are protruding, and there's probably a bit space over his head, I assume, which is the rest of the seat's length). That leg rest shortness is rather normal, but of course there are also strollers with different proportions.

In general, this is not a crazy long seat, though the larger your kid will be, the more he will have to have his legs bent when truly sleeping in a pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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