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Joie Mytrax Flex Signature: How to clean it / can I wash it in the washing machine?

Orsi • 19 Apr 2024

Dear Eli,

I have just bought a used Joie Mytrax flex signature and i would like to clean it. Is there a way to remove the wires from the canopy, or how should i clean it if it is not possible to place into the wasching machine? Can I put the seat into the wasching maschine? What about the leather part?

Thanks for your advice on cleaning!

All the best, Orsi

Eli • 20 Apr 2024

Hey, Orsi,

I definitely do NOT recommend washing this in the machine. Some do it, and if your machine is so gentle you trust it, then, maybeeee... BUT. The fabrics can get damaged, and also can crack as well as fade. Especially the canopy I would never wash in the machine.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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