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Joie Juva: Is the Joie Juva car seat compatible with the Joie Tourist in any way?

Sarah1508 • 09 Jun 2023

I currently have the Joie Tourist stroller and was looking to purchase the Joie Juva car seat for travelling abroad. Is it possible to attach this car seat to the Tourist using adapters or is this not an option?

Eli • 09 Jun 2023

Hey, Sarah,

As far as I know, the Juva is only compatible with the Joie Brisk LX, Joie Muze, or the Joie Mirus pushchairs apart from this set, and that is without any adapters. It doesn't get marketed to be compatible with other pushchairs with adaptors, and I believe you won't be able to attach it to your Tourist stroller.

You can always try Joie's customer service to check if by any chance that compatibility wasn't added, but I am pretty sure you'll need another car seat for that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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