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Joie Finiti: How comfy are the wheels on the bumps?

Nataliia • 09 May 2023

What is the material of the wheels? And how soft will it be to ride on tile sidewalks and bumps with this stroller? Thanks

(From original Russian: Какой материал колес? И насколько мягко будет ездить по плиточным тротуарам и кочкам на этой коляске? Спасибо)

Eli • 09 May 2023

Hi, Nataliia,

The wheels are foam-filled rubber, not completely soft but not too rattly. The material is rather ok for bumpy roads. A problem could be the front wheels that feel looser and can be noisy on cobblestones, however by inserting rubber bands in the joints, this can be minimized.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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