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Joie Finiti: Can I use this the stroller without a carrycot for a newborn?

Ana • 03 Sep 2023

Hi there, I hope you’re doing well!

Can I use this it without a carrycot for a newborn? I saw in the comments that the Finiti has the ability to lie flat and I was wondering if I could use the stroller without a carrycot.

Thank you.

Eli • 03 Sep 2023

Hey, Ana,

In theory, you can. However, the seat will be a bit too big for a newborn, and a newborn baby needs a bit of safety - they prefer and feel cozier in more enclosed spaces. This is why, for the little one not to be too loose in this, I would recommend using it at least with a good footmuff, or a universal soft cor, or a baby reducer insert inside the seat if you won't be using a carrycot. OR you can opt for a reclinable car seat (like the Joie i-Level).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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