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Is there any “real, relevant” or “meaningful” difference between the Joie Versatrax and the Joie Finiti?

Mari • 27 Feb 2023

Dear Eli,

Do you belive there is any “real, relevant” or “meaningful” difference between Joie Versatrax and Joie Finiti? Joie Versatrax has some bad reviews, mostly regarding its sturdiness, but I can’t find that many reviews on Finiti.

I am looking for a versatile stroller for a newborn (until whichever age possible, hopefully around the age of 3), I am planning to go for long walks around the city, maybe even use the stroller for the beach this summer, or picknicks in nature here and there. My priority is to have a sturdy and stable stroller which I may even use for my next child one day.

Would you consider Joie Finiti to be a good overall choice?

The only other choice I am “kind of” considering is Cybex Balios S - being in the similar price range, but for some reason, I like Joie Finiti better.

And, would you rather recommend Joie i-Level or Joie Gemm car seat? The price difference is quite noticeable, but I don’t think I am ready to risk my baby’s safety with the Joie Gemm.

Also, would you recommend using a carry cot with this (or any) stroller for the first few months or is the seat flat enough for a newborn (it’s not a full 180 recline, rather, I think, it has 165 degrees recline)? These adjectives are quite confusing, “full recline”, “lie flat” etc. - though the producers claim anything more than 150 degrees recline is good enough for a newborn, I wonder - is it really? The internet is playing tricks on my mind!

Thank you for your help!

Eli • 27 Feb 2023

Heya, Mari,

There is definitely a difference between the two strollers, especially in the wheels that are not having the outer rubber tires anymore on the Finiti. You get fewer reviews on the FIniti as it is the newer model, and the Versatrax is out for a few years already. However, don't be discouraged too much as every stroller, even a much more expensive one, will get some bad reviews simply because no model is perfect and it has one thing, it just means it doesn't have the other one.

I think the Finiti WILL be a bit better choice simply because it is a newer, updated version of the Versatrax, and the updates almost always make for a little better stroller. It definitely is a nice choice, as is the Balios S - though the Finiti (and the Versatrax, too, btw) feels sturdier (and is also wider) than the Balios. Both are nice, especially for the city.

I would DEFINITELY get a carrycot with it, though; the seat is reclining enough for a child that does not sit by itself yet; however, a newborn would be lost in the large seat, and the whole experience would not be comfortable at least for about 3-4 months. I had only a good experience with having a bassinet, the baby is more protected and lying flat in it, so you can't go wrong there.

About the car seat, the i-Level is definitely better as you can recline it, which is much safer for the baby's neck and spine. If you won't use it for longer periods of time or too often, the Gemm will actually suffice, though, the tests were alright and car safety-wise it is a safe enough car seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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