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Is the leclerc influenced suitable for newborn twins (as it has the connectors available)?

Jina • 10 Jul 2023

Hello :)

Just want to check if Leclerc influencer stroller is suitable/recommended for newborn twin babies? and until what age could it be used? Knowing that it has a connector advantage to connect them together.

Eli • 10 Jul 2023

Hey, Jina,

You need to understand this is a TRAVEL stroller. One of the smallest on the market, fitting the overhead compartment on a plane. As such, it is meant for occasional use - the small frame, rattly and not as sturdy, the super small wheels which can get stuck in any pothole, and the suspension - weaker, as it is so small, work OK on smooth surfaces of a mall or an airport, but are not meant for everyday, any terrain strain.

In theory, it CAN be used with a super small baby. It reclines considerably (not the optimal 180 degrees but enough), and has this little net round the head. It is not as padded, nor as soft riding, however, to use just so with one, nor two newborns. If so, then very occasionally, like, to the doctors. Personally, I would not use this as the only stroller with a newborn, it is not comfy enough, and such small babies (while twins often are even smaller than normal babies) may get shaken a bit too much in it.

I would recommend getting a full-size double pram as your first pram, and a connected lelerc as a second, short tips to the doctors and shops + travel kind of option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.