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Is the Cybex Cloud Z car seat compatible with the Recaro Lexa Elite?

Sofija • 22 May 2024


Is the Cybex Cloud Z i-size compatible with the Recaro Lexa Elite? I can find only one (universal) adapter for that buggy.

Thank you in advance...

Eli • 23 May 2024

Hey, Sofija,

The car seat should be compatible, the adapters are made for Recaro capsules which have the same attachment system as Cybex and Maxi-Cosi ones. That being said (that yes, it should be compatible), the Cloud Z car seat is a bigger, heavier one, and it may be it can be a little too big for the super small/light stroller (I personally would probably go for a lighter one, just to be sure and also for the push to be more comfortable). That is minor, though (maybe worth trying it out in an baby store, however) - but the car seat itself should be compatible.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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