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Is the Bugaboo Bee3 with a wheeled board difficult to push?

Taylor • 27 Dec 2023

Hi Eli,

Is the Bugaboo Bee3 with the wheel board difficult to push when is loaded heavy?

Eli • 27 Dec 2023

Hey, Taylor,

Unfortunately, yes, it is. Every single stroller is harder to push with a buggy board, firstly because the space for feel is occupied and the center of gravity changed, but the smaller and lighter a stroller is, the worse it gets. The smaller wheels become difficult to maneuver and the popping up curbs even harder. Not talking about the fact that lighter strollers with a heavy load and a toddler on the buggy board makes their frame too strained, resulting in wobbly or loose or rattly chassis after some time.

So you can totally go for a buggy board, it can be done, however just be ready for less comfort, push-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.