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Is the Baby Jogger City Mini 4 suitable for a 7 months old?

Re • 27 Apr 2023

We are going on holiday soon with a 7 month old. We already have the Baby Jogger City Mini with 4 wheels. We don’t need a cabin-approved pram but worried the Baby Jogger City Mini wouldn’t be suitable for our baby given her age.

Do you think it is suitable for 7 month old? Our day-to-day pram is an Uppababy Vista so we needed something smaller for the holiday but didn’t want to go to the expense of another pram if possible!


Eli • 27 Apr 2023

Heya, Re,

In the reclined mode, the Baby Jogger City Mini is definitely OK for a 7-month-old child. It does recline and is sturdy enough, so it is actually a little more suitable as well as comfortable than ultra-compact strollers actually. So, yeah, no need to get a new stroller - just adjust the harness straps as well as you can, let your baby in the reclined position if possible, and enjoy your holiday ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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