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Is it possible to attach a Cybex Cloud T plus car seat on a Nuna Mixx Next?

Jmce • 10 Oct 2023


Is it possible to put a Cybex Cloud T plus car seat onto a Nuna Mixx Next pram? I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews. Which adapters would I need? Thanks!

Eli • 10 Oct 2023

Hey, Jmce,

In theory, it should be possible. You would need a Maxi.Cosi/Cybex adapters, which is one with U-shaped endings on one side. However, Nuna stopped making those much anymore, and don't say they support such pairings much anymore either, I am guessing in order to promote their own, Nuna car seats. That means that even if, in theory, it could be done, the adaptors are not really easy to find, or somewhere, even impossible. I would probably stick to a Nuna car seat to be sure - if I were to get a Nuna Mixx Next.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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