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Inglesina Maior: Inglesina Maior vs. CAM Off-road, which lightweight stroller to get?

Krisz • 09 Jan 2024

Hi Eli,

You recommended this stroller, and it looks great! However, I have an Oyster 3 for everyday use, which I love, but it is really heavy, not too easy to fold, and difficult to lift as I cannot find the right point to do it safely. Currently, I have an ABC Design Ping as a 2nd stroller for travel and I really like it, but my toddler is 13kg now, and I find it difficult to maneuver, and the seat unit is quite small. Hence, I'm looking for a lightweight but still relatively compact stroller.

Can you please help me choose between Inglesina Maior and CAM Off-road? It seems to me that the CAM fabric is more durable, and the wheels are a bit smaller, but Inglesina is in a more premium category (and that doesn't necessarily mean it's better).

Many thanks for your help!
Keep up the great work x

Eli • 10 Jan 2024

Hey, Krisz,

I can se why you like the Cam Off-Road, a nice compact stroller with a bit larger wheels. And it looks good, too! I however have to say the seat will be close to the Ping you already have, as design-wise the Cam Off-Road comes from those travel-meant ultra-compacts. So, if the Ping is not what you're searching for, space-wise, the Maior is a better choice out of the two.

I would also suggest the Oyster Zero (Gravity) which is even roomier, more spacious - and has a much cooler canopy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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