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Infababy Duo-Elite: A travel stroller available in the UK - would a double be crazy to take to NY (for an 18mo and a 3yo)?

LBratton • 03 Oct 2023

Hi Eli,

I’m seeking recommendations for a travel stroller available in the UK. My husband and I are travelling to New York. With a three and an 18month old. My friend offered me the Infababy Duo Elite - would it be crazy to bring a double? I can’t find the weight of this stroller anywhere. What would you recommend? Keep in mind I don’t want to spend much on the two travel strollers. I am presently using my Uppababy Vista but my daughter is growing out of the car seat but so have no double option and it’s too cumbersome for travel. I appreciate Your input.


Eli • 03 Oct 2023

Heya, Lorr,

If you don't mind checking the double, I think that on such a bigger trip, you might actually use a double stroller. If a friend is offering, that much better! So, yeah, why not? Btw, it is about 10.5kg, weight-wise.

However, if you'd want smaller model(s) and need something on a budget, perhaps consider something like the Kinderkraft Nubi 2 (two pieces, actually), perhaps that could work for your situation.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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