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Ickle Bubba Venus vs. Mountain Buggy Duet. What are the seat dimensions of the Ickle Bubba Venus double stroller?

Sophia • 04 Jan 2024


Do you happen to know the seat dimensions of the Ickle Bubba Venus stroller?

I am looking to but a side by side double stroller and I am stuck between the [[mountain-buggy-duet-v3|Mountain Buggy Duet] and Ickle Bubba Venus stroller. There are no stores near me that stock them so I can't test them out to see how my girls will fit in. I have a 7 month old and a 2 half year old.

I have found the seat dimensions for the Mountain Buggy duet online but can't find the dimensions for the other stroller.

Many thanks


Eli • 05 Jan 2024

Hey, Sophia,

The internal / seat dimensions of the Ickle Bubba Venus double stroller are about 50 cm - backrest height, 25x18 cm, setting area. These are rougher measurements so for an exact measurement, it would be better to ask Icle Bubba directly.

ABout the Mountain Buggy, it is narrower but the overall quality and terrain capability is definitely much better - for me, these are two very different side-by-sides, and the Venus is better for urban, less demanding use and the Duet is simply a sturdier stroller for any terrain.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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