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iCandy Peach vs. Orange differences, and will they be good on very uneven terrain?

ES • 17 Jul 2023

I was looking into the Icandy Peach and Icandy Orange. Can you tell me the differences between them, and which is more popular? We go very often on bumpy, unpaved paths, are they both suitable for this?

Eli • 17 Jul 2023

Hey, ES,

The Peach is primarily meant as a singe-to-double, ver often used for twins or siblings with a small age difference. As such a versatile model, it is the more known, more popular one (it also exists for longer, having had many iterations). The Orange is newer and although also suitable for siblings as well as twins, it is better to be used with one seat plus the back step for the older one. I feel the seats are a bit less spacious and less elaborate.

In any case, the two have a very similar functionality, though most people go for the more time-proven Peach when choosing a full featured double stroller.

About the terrain and bumpy, unpaved paths, I don't think either is great at that. The small front wheels and a bit stuffer suspension make both a bit more urban, and better for smoother surfaces. You will "work" hard on bumps and curbs especially with two kids on board. Again though, the a bit sturdier, chunkier Peach might be a bit better. For a true "very bumpy roads-suitable" double though, I would go for a side-by-side like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double which will, steering-wise as well as wheels-wise, be 1000% percent easier to push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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