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How is the Nuna Ixxa stroller? Searching for something lightweight, one handed fold, for use in city & bad sidewalks

Tova • 06 Jul 2023

I saw the Nuna Ixxa in passing the other day. Have you seen it yet? It seems like an amazing lightweight version of the triv, but I'm not sure how good the wheels would be (the Triv's wheels are one of it's best features). Debating about the Ixxa, would love some advice.

I want something lightweight, one handed fold, for use in city but bad sidewalks. From birth.

Eli • 06 Jul 2023

Hey, Tova,

I would say the Nuna Ixxa is Nuna's answer to the Cybex Mios. Pretty much the same size, design ideas, and functionality. I think it's a lovely, lightweight reversible, however much less roomy and the wheels feel, to me, also not as good as the Mios'. Personally, I would rather pick the Cybex Mios than the Ixxa, but I can see the Ixxa will also be appealing, design and padding wise, especially to parents with smaller children.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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