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GB Qbit+ All-City: Should I get this or the Easywalker Miley2 stroller for my taller toddler?

Gracie • 04 Oct 2023


Just wondering what the backrest measurement is? Not sure if I should get this or the Easywalker Miley 1 for my taller toddler.

Eli • 04 Oct 2023

Hey, Gracie,

I don't have the exact measurement for the Qbit Plus All-City, apart from the width of the eat which is about 33 cm - and the manufacturer doesn't provide those either. However, I do know the stroller is, design-wise, very close to Cybex travel strollers, as they are made in. the same factory, pretty much - and that those are more spacious than the Miley, also because of how they are designed.

I think both will be a bit tight for a tall toddler, but my personal choice here would be the GB, I believe.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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