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Euro-Cart Crox: Is there a rain cover specifically for Eurocart Crox, or which will fit?

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eli & vii
Ivan • 20 Sep 2023

Hello. Is there a rain cover specifically for Eurocart Crox? Or can you recommend one which will suit best?
Thank you so much!

Eli • 20 Sep 2023

Hey, Ivan,

No, unless you were supplied one with your pram, there is no sold-separately rain cover specifically for the Crox. For the best fit (as availability of different brands and models varies depending on where you are), I recommend visiting a baby shop and try a few - or ask the sellers for help with a fit. Any universal ones (e.g. on Amazon) should also fit nicely - given you get one for a pram shape at least kind of similar to yours.

Good to know - there are rain covers for prams (with bassinets) and for pushchairs (with seats) and not always one fit the other setup, so you may and up needing two rain covers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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