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Ergobaby Metro Plus or Anex Air Z? Which is better?

Constanza • 25 Apr 2023

Hi again Eli,

I’m still looking for the perfect travel stroller and have narrowed it down to two options: Ergobaby Metro + and Anex Air Z (or even Air X).

My main requirement was the flat recline and as a bonus a folding mechanism that even my parents could figure out.

The metro wins on:
-Length (my 18 MO is tiny anyway)
-Size when folded
-Basket size
-Wheel sturdiness

The Air Z wins on:
-Folding ease (what a pain the Metro is to fold/unfold in comparison)
-It stands on itself when folded

Taking into account that I would likely have to check both in, that they are the same price and that I already have a Yoyo, could you tell me which one you would recommend?

I also feel like the Ergobaby is a tried brand and is somehow safer but I have read that the telescope handle (which I don’t care to use at all) breaks often. Anex I didn’t know until this week when I saw it at the park but seems less legitimate.

Thank you for really the best stroller website there is (and I have gone through hundreds!), it has felt like choosing the right stroller can make or break our holiday this past week and I have always found help here!

Eli • 25 Apr 2023

Hey, Constanza,

Personally, I would probably go for the Ergobaby rather than Anex, mostly because of the seat space (lasts longer), and the higher quality. I, however, think that the Polish Anex strollers are rather nice in design (some won the Red Dot Award), so it would not really be a bad thing to choose that if by any chance it offers something you prefer over the Metro+. But if you ask me, the Metro+ would probably be the winner.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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