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Ergobaby Metro+: Is it worth of $399?

Emi • 21 Jan 2024

Hi I am looking for a compact stroller which has full recline seat, easy to maneuver and can fit in my small trunk and also I want it for regular use such as grocery, mall or sometimes park. Metro+ Deluxe look very tempting and has many features than all other expensive compact stroller in market even though It's still in higher price $399. I have Baby Jogger City Tour 2, which I like, but it feels flimsy. Metro+ Deluxe seems more sturdier. But my concern is I have seen so many reviews saying that folding/unfolding gets stuck over the time or complaining about the wheels. I am so confused. Is it worth of $399?

Eli • 21 Jan 2024

Hey, Emi,

I also think the Metro+ is a little overpriced. It could be 50-100 cheaper and it would be a great buy. EVen like this, it is a nice stroller for that type especially, and I can recommend it, especially with a need for as small as possible while having a smaller child.

Personally, I would probably, with that price, pay some more and get the Joolz Aer+ which to me seems like 2 levels higher, but in general this is a good stroller with a bit higher price tag than it perhaps should have.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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