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Ergobaby Metro+: A fairly robust yet compact pram for holidays with tall, heavy 18mo

Helbel • 05 Apr 2023


I’m looking for a fairly robust yet compact pram, mainly for use on holiday. Doesn’t have to be exactly cabin size as the most time we travel, it is put on hold by the gate anyway. My 18-month daughter is tall and heavy so this is key consideration (minimum 22kg weight limit but ideally, the buggy itself weighs 8kg or less).

I want her to be able to comfortably take naps in it but also not be too slouched when upright, as I find a lot of these travel versions are not very supportive or have a very narrow seat. After much research, I’m thinking either the Ergobaby Metro+ or the Inglesina Quid2, or possibly the Cybex Beezy.

Eli • 05 Apr 2023

Hey, Helbel,

After having said you don't need a cabin-sized stroller, and rather would go for a less narrow, sturdier, more upright model, you kind of named 3 cabin-sized strollers that, well, are kind of narrow, are not really so upright, and (especially the Quid) are simply... small. Simple. Not so awesome for naps. Especially with a tall, heavy 18mo. I am not sure why you looked at these if you don't really care about the size that much.

From these three, I would probably go for the Metro+ just because it is the sturdiest. I think though it won't make you so happy in the conditions you described. If such a small model as your choices are, the Joolz Aer has a much taller seatback (but for naps you'd need the extra le rest I believe).

I would probably look at larger models, though. The Oyster Zero Gravity is so much wider and roomier. And it is about those 8 kgs. The Valco Snap as well, lighter, but roomier, and more practical for a larger kid. And from Inglesina, perhaps look at the Now or the Maior.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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