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Easywalker Rudey: How short a mom has to be for this stroller to be too tall for her?

Duddana • 04 Jun 2024

When you say the handle is too high for short moms, what height do you picture? I am 161cm high...

Eli • 05 Jun 2024

Hey, Duddana,

I would say the stroller might be too high, handlebar-wise, for people around 150-160 cm. I think you can absolutely drive it at 161 cm, as it depends on more than just the centimeters, but also how it handles for you, in your hands, how is your style of walking, etc. - but I would strongly recommend trying it out (loaded with a baby or a bag full of shopping) before buying, as the handling and build of the stroller may make it harder for you to push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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