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Easywalker Jimmey: Jimmey or Haver 5 Air - which (wheels) will be more practical for nature walks?

Teresa • 14 Sep 2023

Dear Eli,

Thanks for answering my previous question regarding Jimmey! Now I would like to ask another one:

Comparing Jimmey with the Harvey 5 Air, which one would you recommend to us? We see advantages in both models and are uncertain which one we prefer, mostly due to differences in the wheels and seats.

- Jimmey`s main advantages to us are that the seat can be made totally flat and that the seat is relatively large. However the wheels are made of rubber (so presumably less good for walks in the nature) and the fold seems a bit more bulky than the Harvey 5 Air.
- Harvey 5 Air´s main advantages to us are that is has air wheels and is presumably more suitable for difficult terrains. Also is has a bit more compact fold. Disadvantages to us are the bucket-style seat and that it seems a bit less spacious for the child.
- I guess the main question for us is whether the air wheels of Harvey 5 are so good, that they outweigh the other "disadvantages" of the Jimmey to us.

Overall, we are looking for a good allrounder stroller that can be used in the city but also for walks in the nature. Our child will rather be large and we do not have so much space at home. And we have to carry the carrycot regularly from our flat to the basement, which is the main reason we are focusing on one of the two Easywalker models, as I find the carrycot very light and safe to carry and click on and off the stroller.

Thank you very much!

Eli • 14 Sep 2023

Hey, Teresa,

If we're truly talking "nature" - bumpy roads, dirt droads, terrain - I think the air wheels are simply the better option. I mean, yes, there is the risk of punctures, but the natural suspension of air filled wheels plus their bigger size is just the best for such ride.

In most other stuff, I would say the Jimmey is the better option. But if that forest terrain is the priority, the Harvey Air will be the better choice, at least steering-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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