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Easywalker Jimmey: Does the Jimmey have an uprght enough seat, and a good suspension/push?

Benjolina • 17 Jan 2024

Could you please tell me if JIMMEY has a descent upright position of the seat unit? If we compare it with the Bugaboo Fox 5 or Uppababy Vista? I'm also interested if the suspension of this stroller is good? Is it easy/soft to push and tip?

Eli • 18 Jan 2024

Heya, Benjolina,

The seat is, in my opinion, upright enough. It is not 90 degrees but the support is nice. Yes, it is comparable to the Fox or Vista, although those have a "bucket" style seat, meaning a shaped seat that is reclined as a whole, while here, the backrest and legrest adjust separately, which means a bit different seat style. Still, the seat is not crazy slanted and I'd say you'd be just find with it if searching for an upright seat.

Easywalker has a very nice, solid suspension overall, and the Jimmey's no exception. It is not like the old rocker prams, but it is better than most modern systems of this type, and much better, compared to the Vista line. The push depends on your handle settings and the weight of the baby, but overall it is not a difficult push, the frame makes for easy turning and maneuvering in my experience.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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