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Easywalker Jackey XL: Is the seat padded enough for a child, or too hard?

Blagoy Ayvazov • 02 Mar 2024

Hi! I have a question regarding the stroller mentioned. It's a rather straightforward thing. I've seen and touched one of those strollers and the seat felt rather hard to the touch. Are they comfortable enough for the child or should we consider a pad of sorts, maybe reconsider as a whole?

Eli • 02 Mar 2024


Yeah, this is knd of a second stroller, definitely not one you should use as an only stroller for everyday, multi-hour use. It's more meant for shopping, traveling, etc., and as such, and considering the small folded size, it's on the simpler side. I personally found it a bit more padded than an average model of this size, but you cannot expect it to be the same sturdy and luxury for the chil as a lager model.

I believe you can absolutely use it just so, with a child. But if you or the child felt uncomfortable, you can always use an insert pad - seat liner to make it a but better. It may be it will be a bit harder to finish the fold with one, though.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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