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Easywalker Jackey XL: Do you think Jackey XL is suitable for shorter parents as well?

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eli & vii
Nasy • 21 Sep 2023


This stroller is advertised as an appropriate choice for tall persons. Do you think Jackey XL is suitable for shorter parents too? Thank you! Nasy

Eli • 22 Sep 2023

Hey, Nasy,

I don't think it's a huge stroller, so in theory should not be a burden for shorter parents. However, that tall-parents targeting is based on the taller handle (at about 109cm), while it is not adjustable, so it may be it will be way too tall for you, especially if you'd be extra short.

Ideally, try it out in a shop, as it truly can be a bother - but it doesn't have to be, depending how tall you really are, and what is your style of pushing.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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