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Cybex Mios vs. Nuna Triv Next vs. Mamas&Papas Strada, which lightweight reversible to choose?

Adarsh • 18 Jan 2024

Hi Eli,

I am looking for a compact, lightweight, reversible pushchair for my baby (not too pricey). Among Cybex Mios vs Nuna Triv Next vs Mamas&Ppaas Strada, which one would you suggest please?


Eli • 19 Jan 2024

Hey, Adarsh,

I just answered a similar question, haha :-) Of these three options, I personally find the MIos the best - maneuverability-wise, compactness-wise, but also stability-wise. The seat is also rather long, which is nice. The second best would be the Triv Next, which is stable but a bit larger and the seat a bit smaller. And the Strada proved not that stable, meaning in the end, I would probably not recommend it unless you tried it and it fits your needs perfectly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.