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Cybex Mios 3: How does it compare to the Nuna Triv Next?

Cela • 23 Mar 2023


How does the Mios 3 compare to the Nuna Triv Next? I love the Mios but the back wheels are smaller so I assume the Triv would be easier to maneuver. Is one more durable than the other? Is there another stroller in this category - compact, lightweight reversible seat - that’s superior to either? I also have a Nuna Pipa car seat, so would be more compatible with the Triv, and Triv is a bit cheaper as well. But if Mios is a better option, I’m willing to compromise and splurge for the smarter buy.


Eli • 23 Mar 2023

Hey Cela,

I wouldn't necessarily compare the two, as the newer Triv is considerably larger. It doesn't get tipped over as the first Triv anymore, which is good - the larger wheels and a bit differently built chassis took care of that and made for a sturdier stroller overall, however, they also made it more "average mid-size reversible". Quality-wise, I have nothing against it much, but I must say the stroller is inferior to the Mios, honestly. The larger wheels don't actually make for better maneuvering, they add more stability and help a tiny little but with bumps. It is always the front wheels and the center of gravity that help with the maneuvering, and I must say the Mios' are simply much better. Not even talking about the longer seat and a sturdier chassis.

I don't think the Triv Next is a bad buy, and if it helps your budget and the car seat compatibility, it makes sense to go for it. However, out of the two, the Mios is perhaps a tad less all terrain, but much better made and nimbler.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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