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Cybex Eezy S+² vs. Chicco Goody Plus, which is better/more durable?

LuM • 20 May 2024


I wanted to know what would be the best option between the Cybex Eezy S2 + and the Chicco Goody Plus in terms of quality and durability. I know that both are compact (more the Goody) and that the Cybex has bigger wheels and in theory better ride. I really like the automatic locking system of the Goody but I don't know if it is reason enough to buy it.

Thank you!

(From original Spanish: Hola! Quería saber cual sería la mejor opción entre el cybex eezy s2 + y chicco goody plus en cuanto a calidad y durabilidad. Se que ambos son compactos (más el goody) y que el cybex tiene ruedas más grandes y en teoria mejor andar. Me gusta mucho el sistema de cierre automatico del goody pero no se si es razon suficiente para comprarlo. Gracias!)

Eli • 20 May 2024

Hey, LuM,

I think you are more talking about the Cybex Eezy S+ (Plus) 2 When mentioning the bigger wheels, right? Well I personally would pick that one, the Eezy S+2 over the goody simply because the wheels are a little better, and the seat is a little bigger. A bit more practical stroller, even if the Goody is a solid option. Btw, the locking of the Goody+ is there, but not totally sturdy, so for me, ot really THE reason toprefer that one.

However, if we would be talking about the simpler Eezy S+ (non Plus), that one is not as sturdy and larger wheeled as the S+2, then I would definitely pick the Goody instead.

The overall order would, for me at least, be:
1 Eezy S+2
2 Goody
3 Eeezy S2

Your -very berry- Eli.

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