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Cybex Balios S: Is this stroller a good choice for a new mom? Are there better options?

Hina • 15 May 2022

I am expecting my first baby & planning to buy a Cybex Balios. I need honest reviews - is it worth the buy? For a new mom is it easy to manage or are there any other better options?

Eli • 16 May 2022

Hi, Hina,

There are always better (and worse) options, and even more so if you're a first time mom and don't know your stroller priorities and special requirements on the pram. Having said that, the Balios S is a nice middle way with an OK price, an OK maneuverability, OK spaciousness, and overall features that are not bad, actually. I am not sure what choices are there in your country, perhaps send me your budget and what were you choosing between in your price range, but even though there may be better and worse strollers, as I already said, this one is nice features- as well as looks-wise. So no worries ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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