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Cosatto Wow XL as a stroller for 2 children with a 2.5yr age difference..?

Vic • 25 Mar 2024

What are your thoughts on the Cosatto Wow XL as a stroller for 2 children with a 2.5yr age difference (oldest is a runner and not yet trusted to walk!). We've been offered one from a friend at a really reasonable price with all attachments for newborn and then 2 seats for when older. Ideally I wanted something that wouldn't take up too much room when folded, and was thinking of a Babyjogger GT2 City Mini Double, however due to the price difference I'm now reconsidering.

Eli • 25 Mar 2024

Hey, Vic,

I would definitely stay with the side-by-side (Baby Jogger or otherwise) here. I mean, for a 2.5yo, the reversible seat of the Wow XL will be small already, the kid will be tight in it, and that will only get worse over time. The stroller itself looks awesome and is once enough, not special in terms of maneuverability, but OK. However, I would not go for it for two kids unless the difference would be much smaller, like, 6-12 months at the most.

If your older child is very small, it night work, even if the center of gravity might make it hard to get up curbs. But if the older one is average or bigger / taller, a non-reversible seat and a side-by-side might be much more comfortable for the children as well as you (as the push will be much better).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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