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Cosatto Wow 2: Is the seat unit small?

KA • 11 Jan 2024

Cosatto Giggle Quad has reviews that it is small for babies once they are older than 2 years old and their legs do not fit comfortably in the seat unit. Is it the same for Wow2?

Eli • 12 Jan 2024

Hey, KA,

The Wow has a slightly bigger seat, still it is a reversible unit and not the hugest. So yes, expect it to be ok up till those 2, perhaps 2.5 years at the max.

This is, btw, quite a normal thing. Around those. years of age, you will anyway start to need something that is more compact, less full-featured, but rather lighter and simpler, as the child starts to walk on their own as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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