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Chicco We: How to carry this stroller? Is the right way to carry it by the harness?

Bavani • 01 Oct 2023


I was looking at videos of this stroller and noticed there doesn't seem to be a handle bar/carrying strap to carry the stroller once it's folded down. It looks like the bottom piece of the harness is being used to carry it in some videos (but for this to work, the harness has to be buckled in which doesn't make sense if I just took my kid out of the stroller). Could you please confirm if this is the only way to carry or if I missed something... thank you so much!


Eli • 01 Oct 2023

Heya, Bavani,

The meant-to-be way to carry this is in the included carry bag which has a handle for you to carry it in the hand, but also backpack-like straps.

The only other way to carry it is by holding it by the frame. To carry it by the harness is absolutely not right, the harness clip can break, making the harness unusable.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.