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Chicco Mysa, Inglesina Electa, Uppababy Cruz, or Sportline - which sturdy but smaller model to choose for a summer baby?

Nicole • 05 May 2024


I am debating between the Chico Myso, Inglesina Electa, Uppababy Cruz, and Sportline pl.

We live in a place where there are some bumpy terrains but also will go into the city. So on one hand we want a strong stroller, but on the other hand, not too big and bulky. Our baby will be born during the summer so it is important for us that also the first stages of the stroller be compatible for the summer. What would you recommend?


Eli • 06 May 2024

Hey, Nicole,

I would rather go for quality, and thus would probably discard the Chicco and the Sportline which are cheaper, simpler, rattlier models. The Cruz itself is VERY VERY sturdy, and I can recommend it for sturdiness, but also it's quite long after folding so if you expect something quite small, it could be it will disappoint you (and I recommend checking and folding it in real life, in some baby store or so, to be sure it's ok for you).

The Inglesina is not tiny either, but it's not bad either. Its carrycot especially you will love (the part for the first months) - so so large, comfy, ergnomic. I think that if that start is important for you, you might just want to go for it. The wheels aren't super all-terrain, but if that's not your priority, then you should be fine.

I will also mention the Cybex Balios S which feels like a nice middle ground as well, nit too bulky, not too small either. A simpler, narrower but long enough carrycot (which is just fine for the summer), and a practical enough seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.