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Chicco Corso LE: What are the significant differences enteren the Corso LE and regular Chicco Corso?

Michelle • 01 Jan 2024

What are the significant differences between the Corso LE and regular Corso?

Eli • 01 Jan 2024

Hi, Michelle,

I wrote the differences in the description of the Corso LE.

"The differences between the Chicco Corso and the Chicco Corso LE include more premium, patterned fabrics on the LE version, added leatherette details (handlebar, belly bar) on the Corso LE, rubber wheels with tread of the LE (as opposed to EVA foam, urban wheels on the basic Corso), a larger, more open basket on the LE, and an extra seat liner insert included with the LE, not present in the non-LE pushchair."

Hope that helps!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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