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CBX Kody Pure: Will the carrycot fit on the Kody if I was to purchase it separately?

Juless • 05 Sep 2023

Will the carry cot fit on the CBX Kody if I was to purchase separately?

Eli • 05 Sep 2023

Hey, Juless,

Not sure which carrycot you mean. If you mean ANY carrycot, then no, it has to be one that is meant for the Kody as the attachment systems are different on different CBX lines and even more so on different brands. So you will need the dedicated carrycot.

If you buy that particular carrycot separately, it will fit. About its availability, though, I can't help you as I don't know, it is normally sold with the system. So you will need to contact the CBX customer service / any distributor or seller of this brand around you or online and ask them about whether that can be ordered / bought by itself. You can also try checking eBay or classifieds, with a bit of luck, someone will be selling it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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