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Casualplay Optim: A reversible budget stroller for the car and weekends under 10kg

Viva-l-vd • 16 Jun 2024

Hi Eli,

I am looking for a reversible stroller under 10kg for keeping in the car trunk for weekend use only, like going to a park, zoo, etc. On a budget. We own a BMW 3 series so the trunk is not tiny. The stroller should have a suspension of some sort. We don't necessarily need the carry cot as we are aiming for a lie-flat car seat, but if it has the carry cot we wouldn't mind. This Casualplay Optim looks like it might fit the bill (except the car seat, as it doesn't take MC or Cybex) but there are no reviews out there about it at all. The other option would be the Moon Clicc which to my mind has more advantages than this one - takes MC car seats, has a longer lying position in the seat, 95cm, and maybe better suspension even? Or is there some other stroller with this spec that might fit our bill?


Eli • 17 Jun 2024


I personally don't think either of them have a lot of suspension, but they do have some shock absorbing, yes (just don't expect rocking with a <10 kg stroller ;-) ). I personally would probably pick Moon in this case, I think the Optim is alright but the seat won't last you as well and since you want a lie-flat car seat, the Moon with its compatibility is the better choice.

I personally woul also look into a (maybe pre-owned, if thebudget is the problem) Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip (XT) line, very little suspension but super nice flat fold and a LOT of space in the seat, and also the Cybex Mios which has, I know, small wheels but a nice suspensions and a lovely push, and I really appreciated the push of it as well as the nice seat - this one is however more expensive and so a second-hand model would probably be a necessity.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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