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Can you carry a baby in the Cybex Cocoon S?

Elaine • 07 Nov 2023


My 6months baby still needs to use carrycot due to health issues but has already 8 kilos and our Cybex Gazelle S cot carry max of 9 kilos, so my question is can you carry a baby in the Cybex Cocoon S (from apartment to the car etc, short relations)? Is it sturdy enough? Ty xx

Eli • 07 Nov 2023

Hey, Elaine,

Yeah, you should be able to carry a baby in the Cybex Cocoon S - if we're talking about the one with the carry straps (of course, just short distance). However, with a heavier baby, if could become a bit too much - as far as I know, the carrycot in general are tested up to 9 kg, so after your little one goes over that, be extra careful about the stability of it. Also good to know that if you do have a Gazelle carrycot and he still fits in it, you should be ok with using it even with a 9-10kg baby. It's definitely sturdier that ne coccoon and will not fall apart right after the baby gets to those 9 kg. So I would personally use the carrycot until the child fits in it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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