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Can I attach a Cybex Cloud Z car seat on a Cosatto Wowee?

mel • 03 Aug 2023


I own the Cosatto Wowee Pushchair and the Cybex Cloud Z2. I want to know if there's any way of attaching this car seat onto the Cosatto pushchair.

I already tried the Cosatto Multibrand adaptor and the Wowee adaptor and it doesn't seem to work.


Eli • 03 Aug 2023

Hey, mel,

If the Wowee adapter doesn't work with the Cloud Z, you have nothing else to attach it with. There are no other adaptors for the Wowee, and those are, if I am correct, working only with the Cosatto car seats.

Unfortunately that means you can only use the car seat in the car and/or on another pushchair frame - or you can sell it and get another car seat.

To be absolutely sure, you can try contacting Cosatto's customer service and ask them if they offer any other adapters for the pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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